What is HackYourFuture?

HackYourFuture is a code school (foundation) teaching computer programming to refugees. Our aim is to empower our students through coding and get them to work as software developers. With 40 developers (all volunteers) we have created a 6-month program in which our students learn the fundamentals of web-development. After graduation we guide our students towards employment via our network. Besides learning our students how to code, we also teach them how to work on projects in a modern tech team.

We teach every Sunday in Amsterdam, during the week we coach and support our students online with their homework. Throughout our course our students have multiple business visits, masterclasses from various tech experts, and get individual coaching in their career.

Why HackYourFuture?

Within the current group of refugees there is a lot of talent. However, the past teaches us that talented newcomers have trouble finding work in their new countries of residence. At the same time we see a very large demand on the job market for web-developers. A lot of companies struggle to grow because of the lack of qualified developers. Here we see an enormous opportunity for a win-win situation. By training refugees in web-development we increase their chances of employment significantly, and at the same time we increase the amount of developers on the job market.

What do we teach?

The core language we teach is JavaScript, and we teach our students HTML, CSS, Node, Angular, Express and Databasing in MySQL/MongoDB. However what we value most is that our students learn how to think like a programmer, how to solve problems, and how to manage a project. With this fundamental knowledge our students should be ready for their first web-developer job.

For who?

We teach to talented refugees who want to start their career in web-development. We’re looking for people who are very motivated and are willing to put in a lot of hours in order to become great at coding. You will need to have an intermediate level in English and you will need to study for around 25 hours per week. We accept people living all over the Netherlands, and we pay for transportation costs (train tickets).

Who teaches?

All of our teachers are skilled developers with multiple years experience who teach in their free-time on weekends and evenings. Our teachers work in various companies varying from small start-ups to corporates.

How can you help?

Volunteer We’re always looking for experienced developers who love to teach their skills to our students. Our team of volunteers is a positive and focused group of people who simply love to code and share their knowledge.


Donate In order to run our school we’re looking for extra funds to better facilitate our students in their career (travel expenses, laptops, software). You can donate via our donate button below, or contact us if you have laptops to donate. Your donation is much appreciated!